A differentiated approach to infrastructure

Since its inception, the Harrison Street team has spent significant time developing and nurturing relationships with top universities and health systems across the US. We understand the challenges facing these institutions and the critical need for well-run campus facilities. Our conversations have expanded from real estate to incorporate broader infrastructure needs as these institutions look for knowledgeable, long-term capital partners.

We formally launched our infrastructure business in 2018 with a very clear mission – to leverage our long-standing relationships with Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals (MUSH) and serve as their all-in-one capital solution to address deferred maintenance, decarbonization efforts and self-sustaining /resiliency needs.  Harrison Street was uniquely positioned to not only identify this extensive and growing opportunity set, but to readily access it and support our partners in the space.

Harrison Street’s strategy focuses on highly structured assets within these segments, supported by long-term contractual arrangements which produce consistent financial performance across economic cycles.

5-year anniversary

As we mark our 5-year anniversary, we are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to be the partner of choice to many of the nation’s leading universities, colleges, health systems and government institutions.

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More than ever, it is imperative for global businesses to embrace clean energy and sustainable construction initiatives. Harrison Street is committed to delivering mission critical infrastructure assets and renewable energy options that contribute to the sustainability and resiliency goals of the businesses, partners, and communities in which we invest. We are proud to be a partner of choice and bring our infrastructure investing expertise to some of the nation’s leading universities, colleges, health systems and government users.

Carolyn Arida, Senior Managing Director & Co-Portfolio Manager