Fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork that attracts and retains talent

Harrison Street is a performance-driven, innovative, collaborative and passionate firm. We are committed to supporting our employees professionally and personally, which we believe make us the best fiduciary possible for our investors. We empower employees in and out of the office by providing comprehensive learning and development opportunities, health and wellness activities, community service initiatives, and equal opportunities.

We create, we learn and we grow together.


Females and minorities represent


of our
employee base
Donated to over


charities since


interns through hands-on experience
since inception

Creating an environment where employees feel valued, welcomed, and comfortable being who they are

Our comprehensive employee benefits include:

Financial Benefits

401(k) Plan with Harrison Street contribution

Ability to invest in Harrison Street funds

Legal Assistance plan

Life, accidental death and disability plans

50% match to commuter benefit

Monthly cell phone bill reimbursement

Learn & Develop

Professional development stipend

Manager trainings & employee development opportunities

Annual DEI training

Cross departmental networking opportunities

Health & Wellness

90% premium covered for medical, dental and vision plans

Employee assistance plans

Wellness room for nursing mothers

Health and wellness programming

Work/Life Integration

13 paid holidays

Flex Fridays

Health and Dependent Care (50% match) Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

16-week paid parental leave

Unlimited PTO for VP and above

Birthday PTO

Perks at Work

Free lunches, birthday celebrations, happy hours

Monthly social events

Various employee driven committees

Game room

Intramural team offerings

Dress for your day

The FOCUS committee allows all voices to be heard

The FOCUS committee consists of employees across departments and at all levels of the Firm. They serve as a sounding board for new Firm initiatives and provide senior leadership with real-time feedback before rolling out to the broader Firm. The purpose of the committee is to better utilize and understand the needs of our number one asset, our people. Through increased transparency, the committee strives to enhance our various employee programs and continue to nurture the Harrison Street culture.

Harrison Street Network of Women (“HS NOW”) is a platform for women to connect and grow professionally

We support a culture of equity, inclusion and innovation by providing women with networking and development opportunities to raise their visibility, build valuable connections and help them grow professionally.

Investing in our most valuable asset, our people

Harrison Street University

Harrison Street University (“HSU”) fosters the growth of the Firm’s most valuable resource: our people. We carry out our mission by providing a broad array of personal and professional development opportunities. All employees are offered on a regular basis a variety of training topics and learning options to further develop skills related to performance, productivity, communications, team building, problem solving, and personal well-being.

Harrison Street Impact Academy

Harrison Street Impact Academy (“HSIA”) falls under HSU programming and is a transformational employee development program. HSIA works toward continuing to strengthen our organizational talent and culture by enabling employees to become better leaders and adept professionals in the workplace. Our internal team members serve as content experts and facilitators to lead sessions related to enhancing performance, productivity, communications, and problem solving. Courses include topics such as; Providing Effective Feedback, Conflict Management, Creating a Development Plan, Supporting Work/Life Integration and Conducting Effective Performance Reviews.

Internship Program

Our flagship internship program has helped develop 115+ interns across the Firm. We provide each intern with hands-on experience that will help them succeed in their future careers.

“I am a student at Florida State University majoring in Finance and Real Estate and I had the unique opportunity to intern at Harrison Street this past summer. It was an incredible experience, and I am beyond grateful to have been a part of the internship program. From day one, I could tell how much the internship program meant to the firm and the amazing culture that existed. As a Transactions intern, I was able to work across a variety of sectors in markets all over the United States. Every week I was staffed on live deals and given the opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience. The best part was that I was able to work with a variety of different people, spanning from Analysts to even our Managing Director. Harrison Street also hosted multiple events throughout the summer for interns to have the chance to explore Chicago. Overall, I highly recommend the internship program and appreciate all the time that Harrison Street invested in me this summer.”

“I am a student at Michigan State University and joined Harrison Street as an Asset Management intern. From day one, the team was so welcoming and genuinely interested in each intern’s interests and goals for the program. We were paired with three mentors ranging from first-year analysts to associates which provided a broad range of exposure to different asset classes and provided a sense of community from the beginning of the internship. Throughout the 10 weeks, I was able to support in the disposition analysis, tour some of the firm’s properties, and participate in calls with Harrison Street’s operating partners. Each team member was always willing to answer questions and often set time aside to teach me about the assets they focused on the most. Overall, I am grateful for my experience at Harrison Street as it continued to fuel my interest in real estate.”

“I am a student at Cornell University’s Hotel School and was originally interested in Harrison Street’s internship program because of the firm’s focus on alternative real assets and while that still holds true, the people and culture I experienced over the summer is what truly drew me in. I was immediately immersed in the transactions process and tasked with meaningful responsibilities where I could add value to investment committee meetings and operating partner calls. This experience was so unique because I was able to work with every asset class Harrison Street invested in and saw the transactions cycle from beginning to end. I truly enjoyed the open-door policy and enthusiasm for knowledge within the team and working alongside a wide range of levels at the Firm. My summer with Harrison Street solidified my passion for a future career in private equity real estate and I would recommend the internship program to anyone who is curious to learn more about the industry!”


“I am a Finance and Operations & Information Management major at Georgetown University. I am incredibly grateful for the education, experience, and opportunities I was given throughout the internship program. Harrison Street’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from early on as I was encouraged to propose ideas, ask questions, and request hands-on experience with live deals across nearly every single one of Harrison Street’s major sectors. Through the program, I was able to visit some of the Firms properties to learn about the operations, our tenants, and how the deals have developed. I was also able to experience an entire deals lifespan, from the discovery of the deal, to underwriting allocation, and through Investment Committee approval. Everyone was more than willing to help with any questions I had on everything ranging from live deals I was working on to my future career path. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to any student interested in real estate investment.”


“I am an Economics major at Boston College and my experience at Harrison Street has been excellent. It has been a wonderful opportunity to become more familiar with the unique opportunities that lie in Private Equity. Some of the highlights of my time here include: learning how to navigate and work on student housing models, gaining experience with the program ARGUS, and collaborating with others to put together presentations for investment committee. Additionally, I have been very thankful for the humility demonstrated by leadership and staff. Representatives from various sectors of the firm each took time to formally present and answer questions on their role and experience. The same level of humility was demonstrated by the CEO and partners who also intentionally carved time to speak with us interns about their roles and experiences. Overall, my time at Harrison Street has accelerated my interest in opportunities in the finance world.”


“I am a student at Georgetown University and I was drawn to Harrison Street because of the firm’s focus on alternative property types and the rotational aspect of the internship program. From day one, it became very clear that, in addition to the firm’s specialization and strategy, the people and culture make Harrison Street unique. I learned an incredible amount during the internship program through applying previous internship skills and classroom knowledge, but the real learning came from being staffed on live deals and working under people who were actively looking to help us interns gain experience. Everyone was willing and eager to help whenever necessary. They constantly asked how things were going and if there were other deals, property types and markets we would like to work on. I am very grateful for the opportunity to intern at Harrison Street and cannot recommend the internship program more highly!”


“Interning at Harrison Street as Girls Who Invest Scholar gave me the unique opportunity to work very hands-on with the team, ranging from analysts to Vice Presidents and even Managing Directors. I felt that for a sophomore in college, Harrison Street gave me a lot of responsibilities, which I was eager to take on. For instance, I prepared and designed over half of a slide deck that was later presented and approved by the Investment Committee! It was really amazing for me to see the hard work I put in throughout the summer actually used. I never felt that I was assigned busywork, which was a great relief. On top of this, the culture at Harrison Street is unmatched. Everyone wanted to help me grow and learn, for which I am very grateful. I could not recommend an internship with Harrison Street more highly.”


“As an intern at Harrison Street, I worked on the Acquisitions team. From the first week, I was immediately impressed by the genuine care from everyone within the company for the interns growth and the incredible access we had to everyone even as interns. On my first day, I was already sitting in the IC Meeting. Even while being on the Acquisitions team, I had many opportunities to interact with all areas of Harrison Street such as Portfolio Management and Research simply because the interns expressed interest. Being an untraditional sophomore intern, there was a lot to learn. But the support I received was extremely beneficial, and by the end of my internship I was able to tackle projects that I would have never imagined working on at the beginning of my internship. Outside of work, the interns were often invited to sports events or other outings allowing us to further build relationships. The experience I had at Harrison Street was beyond my expectations and I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to work with the amazing people here.”


“This summer I hoped to gain an understanding of the decisions a real estate investment firm faces to raise, deploy, and return capital to investors, and how those decisions are analyzed. Throughout my twelve weeks with Harrison Street, I accomplished these goals and more. The team leaders were very inclusive, inviting us to join meetings and phone calls, and had a genuine interest in helping our intern class learn and improve. The tasks I worked on provided immediate value to real projects the teams were evaluating and I was included in the resulting analysis and discussions. Overall, the community and culture created by the leaders of Harrison Street allowed me to enjoy working with fellow employees, learn new skills and concepts every day and build relationships.”


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Harrison Street is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, which allows everyone to thrive by encouraging, supporting and celebrating everyone’s unique perspective. We actively pursue diversity as we build our workforce, develop our leadership and create opportunity across our business

Diversifying our talent pipeline and creating a more equitable future

Harrison Street partners with organizations that provide career exploration, internships, and networking opportunities for under-resourced and underrepresented backgrounds as we strive to build a more diverse and equitable workforce.

PREA Foundation’s mission is to further the interests and values of the institutional real estate investment community by advancing industrywide diversity and inclusion.

Girls Who Invest is transforming the asset management industry by bringing more women into portfolio management and leadership.

America Needs You fights for economic mobility for ambitious, low-income, first-generation college students by providing transformative mentorship and intensive career development.

Chicago Scholars works with academically ambitious, first-generation college students. The seven-year program helps scholars to navigate the complex transitions into college, through college, and beyond to a career.

My Block, My Hood, My City provides youth in under-resourced communities, with new experiences, exposing them to possibilities beyond their own communities. Their mission is to help teenagers overcome the poverty and isolation they face, boosting educational attainment and opening them to opportunities that make a difference in their lives.

Genesys Works provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.

As Chief People Officer, I’m honored to work for a firm that always ensures our clients, partners and people are the number one priority. At Harrison Street, we support new ideas and inspire each other to be creative, which establishes a culture of innovation, integrity, inclusion, and empowerment.

Stacy Nyenbrink, Chief People Officer


Strengthening our communities by volunteering and giving back

We serve the cities where we have offices by connecting our employees to meaningful volunteer opportunities and through our Charitable Gift Match Program, which supports the generosity of employees and extends their impact. Employees can engage with organizations and causes that they are personally committed to through a dollar-for-dollar match to their organizations.

2021: Together We Rise Build a Bike Event

2021: Gardeneers Service day at Homan Rails Farm

2020: Ronald McDonald House Meals from the Heart

2019: My Block, My Hood, My City Volunteer Event

2019: J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

2019: MLK Drive Christmas Light Decorating